Academic Year

Pre-College Planning and Preparation

Nations offers a variety of pre-college services throughout the academic year.  Each school is served by a Community Outreach Coordinator, who works one-on-one with scholars to set goals and implement strategies for academic success.

Services offered by the Community Outreach Coordinator during the academic year include:

  • Individualized academic and pre-college advising sessions
  • Drop-in hours
  • Academic goal-setting and strategic planning
  • Tutoring and study tables for improved academic performance
  • Workshops on a variety of academic and career-related topics
  • Assistance with college and scholarship applications
  • Fee waivers arranged for college entrance exams and college applications
  • Scholarship and college entrance essays reviewed and edited
  • Financial planning for college
  • College preparation activities


Community Service Opportunities

Nations scholars are the future leaders and stewards of their communities.  In order to foster leadership skill building and connect scholars with community members and organizations, Nations offers opportunities to engage in community service projects throughout the academic year and summer.  Community Outreach Coordinators also work with scholars to determine how best to reflect their service on their applications for college and scholarships, as well as their resumes.

College Visits

One of Nations’ primary goals is to help scholars choose a college or university that is the right fit personally, financially and academically (all are important).  Nations attempts to offer two college tours during the academic year, depending upon availability of funding.  College tours are diverse and varied, providing access to a variety of colleges and universities, including public, private, rural and urban.

Eligibility requirements to join field trips:

  • 2.5 grade point average  (as reflected on current grade report)
  • Good disciplinary standing


Nations Scholar Advisory Board

Nations scholars have an opportunity to practice leadership and interpersonal communications skills, while communicating the interests and needs of their peers to the director via the Nations Scholar Advisory Board.  Scholars who are interested in this program should see their Coordinator for more info.

Eligibility requirements to join Nations Scholar Advisory Board:

  • 3.0 grade point average
  • Prior participation in summer program (preferred, not required

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