Conceptual Framework

Nations is dedicated to working with its scholars to develop into their full potential as the future stewards of their community, our nation and our interconnected world.  All programming and services offered are designed to be consistent with our conceptual framework, which focuses on the following themes:

  • College and career planning – scholars should choose a college or university, and career path, that are the right fit personally, financially and academically (all are important).
  • Holistic personal development – focus on all aspects of personal growth; emotional, cognitive, intellectual, physical, environmental and spiritual.
  • Awakening personal identity consciousness, with a strengths-based focus.
  • Understanding and experiencing the value of serving one’s community.
  • Connecting with the natural world.
  • Ally development – building a support system for academic growth while in high school and success while at college.
  • Preparation for challenges in college (e.g. potential identity loss, cultural disconnect, financial stress, time management, nutritional concerns, and over-commitment to social clubs and organizations, among others).
  • Appreciation and respect for diverse ways of being and knowing.
  • Advocacy development for the self, the community and the sovereignty of the tribal nation. Indigenous students aren’t viewed as just a minority group—they are a political group with a voice and they should be encouraged to use it.

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